White House Statement on President Reagan's Meeting With President Henri Namphy of Haiti


November 21, 1986


The President today met with Henri Namphy, President of the National Council of the Government of Haiti, in the Oval Office. President Namphy later met with Vice President Bush. The President discussed the political and economic situation in Haiti with General Namphy, devoting particular attention to the increased U.S. assistance program, the need to develop the Haitian private sector through foreign investment, the protection of individual rights and freedoms, and the long-term development needs of Haiti in the areas of education and literacy, health, agriculture, and environment.


President Reagan expressed his firm support for General Namphy's efforts to build democratic institutions and achieve the goal of a working democracy over the next 15 months. In connection with General Namphy's visit, the U.S. and Haitian Governments have agreed to launch a major training initiative for Haiti. The Training for Development Project will make available $10 million over the next 5 years for training educational institutions of over a hundred Haitian technicians, administrators, medical personnel, and business professionals in America.


The total U.S. aid package was also discussed by the two leaders. Haiti is one of the very few countries where, despite an overall reduction in U.S. assistance levels this year, U.S. aid will increase -- an increase of 25 percent to just over $100 million. The U.S. Government is also working with other international donors and with the private sector to assure adequate, overall external support for Haiti's democratization process. During his visit to Washington (November 20 - 22) General Namphy also had meetings with Secretary of State George Shultz and AID Administrator Peter McPherson.


President Namphy described the progress achieved so far in implementing the 2-year political calendar that calls for a referendum on a new constitution in February 1987; local, legislative, and Presidential elections during 1987; and the inauguration of a duly elected President in February 1988.