Letter Accepting the Resignation of Larry M. Speakes as Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy Press Secretary


December 4, 1986


Dear Larry:


It is with the deepest personal regret and gratitude for your service that I accept your resignation as Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy Press Secretary.


Since our campaign in 1980, you have been a valued and trusted member of my senior staff. Under the most trying circumstances, you stepped into one of the Nation's most demanding jobs and have always been an articulate, honest and respected voice for our Administration. You are the longest serving Presidential spokesman since the respected Jim Hagerty and with nearly 2,000 briefings behind you, you have a well-deserved international reputation for coolness under pressure, for professionalism, and effectiveness at times of crisis and calm.


It's hard to imagine what it will be like around here without you. You will be missed and thought of often, and I am very pleased you have agreed to my request to be available from time to time. Please don't stray too far from a telephone! Nancy joins in wishing you, Laura, and your family all of life's blessings and in my hope that our paths will cross often in the years ahead.


From one ``great communicator'' to another, thanks.




Ronald Reagan



Dear Mr. President:


I am today submitting my resignation as Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy Press Secretary. It has been a distinct pleasure to serve as your chief spokesman for six years. I will leave the White House February 1, 1987 when I join Merrill Lynch as Senior Vice President for Communications.


Mr. President, you have given me the opportunity to be part of a great and important undertaking. Your leadership has made America once again safe, secure and economically sound. Americans are again proud to be Americans. From ``A New Beginning,'' you have led the Nation forward into an era of hope, promise and opportunity. You have put an indelible stamp on our Nation's history.


To you and to Mrs. Reagan, my deepest appreciation and best wishes. I shall always be a member of the Reagan team.


Best regards,


Larry Speakes