Messages, April 21, 1986

Message on the Observance of Secretaries Week, April 20 - 26, 1986

April 21, 1986

During Secretaries Week I am pleased to call on all Americans to join me in recognizing the vital role of secretaries in our society and economy. Skilled, professional secretaries are essential to the smooth, efficient functioning of business, government, and the professions.

One of the most important functions of any enterprise is communication, and secretaries -- whether by scheduling, preparing correspondence, or working directly with the public -- are among any organization's most important communicators. The efficiency and reputation of an organization are largely attributable to the skill, tact, dedication, and understanding of its secretaries.

Recent advances in technology present new challenges for secretaries, yet with each challenge comes a new opportunity. As America's secretaries master the new technologies, office efficiency will increase and secretaries will be freed from some tedious tasks to take on exciting and rewarding challenges. We should all keep in mind that much of the technological revolution that will keep our nation growing into the Twenty-first Century will be implemented by our nation's secretaries.

I am happy to call attention to the important role of secretaries in our national life and the widening opportunities opening up for them as we move into the future. Nancy joins me in saluting America's secretaries and in expressing the gratitude of our citizens for the great contribution they make to their country and its economic strength. They have our warmest good wishes.

Ronald Reagan

Message on the Observance of National Volunteer Week, April 20 - 26, 1986

April 21, 1986

Volunteers founded this nation. They did it at risk to their fortunes and their very lives. Even if we are not called on to take such risks, we are summoned by our history and our proudest traditions to give ourselves to the service of our neighbors and our nation. That is the summons of voluntarism.

I am proud to say that Americans are responding to this summons with great generosity and in great numbers. Every year almost a hundred million citizens lend that helping hand without seeking any reward save that pearl of great price, a good conscience. These wonderful citizens build up the economy of love, which is every bit as important to our national life as the economy of money. Voluntarism, the economy of love, and caring is the necessary complement of our free enterprise system. Both depend on the same kind of initiative and imagination.

Throughout my presidency I have encouraged the spirit of voluntarism, and fostered our sense of the stake we all have in the great enterprise called society. I have striven to give to individuals, families, and private organizations broader scope for their voluntary contributions to the common wealth. The American people have responded with the generosity for which they are famous. Every day we receive new reports of highly successful Private Sector Initiatives which creatively use the resources we have as a nation and make America a still better place to live.

National Volunteer Week is a time when we recognize the generosity of our volunteers, and the incalculable contribution they make to American life. It is a time to urge volunteers to keep up their work, and to urge all Americans to become an active part of American tradition.

I say again what can never be said too often: volunteers make a difference. God bless you.

Ronald Reagan