Statement on House of Representatives Approval of United States Assistance for the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance

June 25, 1986

The vote today in the House of Representatives signals a step forward in bipartisan consensus in American foreign policy. I want to congratulate all those who voted to restore this spirit of bipartisan cooperation on foreign policy issues. Once again members of both parties stand united in resisting totalitarian expansionism and promoting the cause of democracy.

As we approach the celebration of our own Independence Day, we can be proud that we as a people have embraced the struggle of the freedom fighters of Nicaragua. Today their cause is our cause. With our help, the people of Nicaragua will win their struggle to bring democracy to their land, remove the threat to neighboring countries and to our own security, and restore again the prospects of peace -- and the chance for a better future -- to our hemisphere.

Moreover, with additional aid, we have offered the people of Central America hope for the future so that their democratic aspirations can indeed be achieved. The cause is freedom, the cause is just, the cause will triumph. Again, my thanks to all those who labored so hard on this legislation.