Informal Exchange With Reporters at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana

April 9, 1987

Q. Mr. President, speaking of technology, the Soviets say that we're bugging them as much as they're bugging us.

The President. Well, if you want to believe them, go ahead.

Q. Are they telling the truth? Has the U.S. tried to bug the Soviet Embassy?

The President. I never discuss anything having to do with espionage or counterespionage.

Q. Well, what do you think of all their claims that they've made today and their so-called evidence that they've presented?

The President. I've been coming out here; I haven't paid any attention to it.

Q. Mr. President, are all these charges going to undermine Mr. Shultz' trip?

The President. No.

Note: The exchange began at 3 p.m. in Knoy Hall of Technology while the President was visiting a computer technology laboratory.