Statement on Meetings in Moscow Between Secretary of State Shultz and Soviet Leaders

April 15, 1987,

Secretary Shultz has reported to me that his meetings in Moscow covered all items on our agenda: human rights, regional issues, bilateral affairs, Soviet violations of our Embassy, and arms reductions. I am pleased to report that progress was made in each of these areas, although more clearly remains to be done.

Reaching equitable, effectively verifiable, and stabilizing arms reductions agreements has long been one of the primary objectives of my administration. The exchanges that Secretary Shultz had in this area hold promise for an agreement on intermediate nuclear forces at some point in the not too distant future. Agreements on START and space and defense will be more difficult, but we will continue our efforts in these areas. Consultations with our allies, particularly on the Soviet proposals on short-range intermediate nuclear forces, are especially important. I look forward to meeting with Secretary Shultz tomorrow, at which time I will receive a full report on the details of his Moscow meetings and his briefings with our NATO allies.