Statement by Assistant to the President for Press Relations Fitzwater on the Military Rebellion in Argentina

April 19, 1987

One of the pillars of President Reagan's foreign policy is to support democratic institutions in Latin America. The United States is deeply disturbed by any development which threatens civilian constitutional and democratic rule in Argentina. We strongly urge that these officers desist in their defiant attitude and abide by the law.

The return of Argentina in 1983 to a system of representative government was applauded by democrats everywhere. Since 1983, and throughout the current incident, the Argentine people have repeatedly manifested their firm commitment to democracy through free elections and the full exercise of their constitutional rights. Under the leadership of President Alfonsin, impressive gains have been made in the consolidation of democracy and the economic development of Argentina. We have supported Argentine democracy from its restoration in 1983, and we strongly reaffirm our support of President Alfonsin and the continued rule of law in Argentina.

Note: After a visit by President Raul Alfonsin to the troops that had rebelled, order was restored.