Statement on the Death of Former Director of Central Intelligence William J. Casey

May 6, 1987

His nation and all those who love freedom, honor today the name and memory of Bill Casey. In addition to crediting him with rebuilding America's intelligence capability, history will note the brilliance of his mind and strategic vision, his passionate commitment to the cause of freedom, and his unhesitating willingness to make personal sacrifices for the sake of that cause and his country.

Nancy and I have lost a long-time supporter, a wise and unselfish counselor, and a good friend. In extending our condolences to Sophia, Bernadette, and other members of the family, we pray that the knowledge of his countrymen's respect and admiration, as well as the hope inherent in his own deep religious faith, will provide them comfort and consolation. America has lost a patriot, and the cause of freedom, an able champion.