Statement by Assistant to the President for Press Relations Fitzwater on Soviet Noncompliance With Arms Control Agreements


December 2, 1987


The President today sent to the Congress the classified and unclassified versions of the annual report on Soviet noncompliance with arms control agreements mandated by Public Law 99 - 145.


The analysis and findings contained in this report are an important element of our approach to strengthening U.S. and allied security. Sound agreements that result in genuine reductions, equality of U.S. and Soviet forces, and are effectively verifiable contribute to our security if they are faithfully carried out. All treaty violations are significant, because they undermine confidence in the process of arms control if a country can pick and choose with which provisions of treaties it will comply.


This year's report reaffirms the findings of the March 1987 report with respect to Soviet violation of the ABM treaty, the biological and toxin weapons convention, the Geneva protocol on chemical weapons, and the limited test ban treaty. In addition, we have evidence of an additional Soviet violation of the ABM treaty in the deployment of an ABM radar at Gomel.


Previous Soviet violations are continuing. All of these violations are a matter of serious concern to us, and we have urged the Soviets to do what is necessary to end them. Correcting their violations will be a true test of Soviet willingness to enter a more constructive relationship and broaden the basis for cooperation between our two countries on security matters.