Statement on the Executive-Legislative Task Force on Illegal Drug Use and Trafficking


July 8, 1988


Today I approved policy guidance on illegal drug use and drug trafficking to be used by my negotiators in the bipartisan executive-legislative task force. I am directing them to focus on the illegal drug user, tougher laws, enhanced treatment, increased international cooperation, helping us track demand and supply-reduction activities, and heightening awareness and prevention.


Much has already been done, but there is much more to do. The task force offers us the rare opportunity to lift the battle above politics, to make broad progress with bipartisan policy. Now is the time for the Democratic leadership in the Congress to appoint their representatives to the task force -- no more excuses, no more delays.


And while we in Washington must do our part, America also needs the active involvement of our schools, churches, and families. We need our business leaders and our workers engaged in the battle. We must not rest until the message to every drug user is clear: We mean business -- no more drugs!