Message to the Congress on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic Action Plan


August 5, 1988


To the Congress of the United States:


I have approved a 10-point action plan to advance the national and international response to the public health threat caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection and the AIDS epidemic. These strong measures require compassion, cooperation, and commitment from all levels of government and all segments of society.


It is imperative that action and progress continue in the Federal government and in the private sector, as well as throughout the Nation. Those infected with the HIV must be treated with dignity and compassion as our health systems accelerate their response to the infection. To this end, my initiatives direct that every Federal agency adopt policies and guidelines on compassionate treatment of HIV-infected persons in the workplace. I ask that unions, schools, businesses, and private citizens consider adopting similar guidelines. The 10-point action plan is consistent with the fine work and recommendations of the President's Commission, which has moved the Nation forward in its understanding of the HIV infection and AIDS.


I now ask the Congress to take another important step forward; I ask you to enact the FY 1989 appropriations for HIV activities as expeditiously as possible. I further call on the Congress to adopt the FY 1990 budget request regarding HIV measures as soon as possible after the budget is submitted.


It is imperative to the future of our Nation that we move with compassion and skill to ease the tremendous human, social, and economic costs caused by the HIV infection and AIDS. I know we can work together in this matter of tremendous concern and priority for all Americans.


Ronald Reagan


The White House,


August 5, 1988.