Message on the Observance of National Hispanic Heritage Week


August 31, 1988


I am pleased to send warm greetings and congratulations to the Hispanic American community as you celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Week, September 11 - 17, 1988.


One of the greatest strengths of our Nation is the rich cultural diversity of our people. Since the discovery of America, Hispanics have been a vibrant part of that diversity. They were among the first settlers of the New World, arriving long before the United States achieved independence. From Florida to California, Hispanics have left an indelible mark on our land, helping to forge one of the greatest nations on earth. As we look forward to the turn of the century, it is clear that Americans of Hispanic descent will have an even greater role in achieving our national destiny. That is good news, because the values which Hispanics have always cherished -- faith, love of family, and pride in country -- are the very values that built our Nation and that will keep it strong and free.


During the week beginning September 11, 1988, our country will celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Week and will recognize the important role Hispanic Americans play in our national life. Nancy and I are very happy to join with all our fellow citizens in honoring the achievements of Hispanic Americans, and we send you our best wishes for every success and happiness. God bless you, and God bless America!


Ronald Reagan