Statement by Assistant to the President for Press Relations Fitzwater on the President's Meeting With Prime Minister Edward Philip George Seaga of Jamaica


October 3, 1988


President Reagan today informed Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga that the United States would provide a long-term package of disaster assistance relief totaling $125 million to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Gilbert. The U.S. Government immediately provided emergency equipment and supplies to Jamaica after the hurricane hit on September 12 - 14, causing more than 25 deaths and millions of dollars in property damage.


The President also expressed his thanks for Jamaica's drug eradication efforts.


Prime Minister Seaga thanked the United States for its assistance. He said the hurricane was the greatest natural disaster to ever hit Jamaica. Prime Minister Seaga summarized the reconstruction program and showed the President pictures of destruction on the island. One picture showed an entire housing complex with no roofs. Another showed a banana and poultry farm completely wiped out.