Memorandum of Disapproval on a Bill Making Technical Corrections to the Health Omnibus Programs Extension of 1988


November 23, 1988


I am withholding my approval of H.R. 5560, a bill making technical corrections relating to the ``Health Omnibus Programs Extension of 1988,'' which I approved on November 4, 1988 (Public Law 100 - 607).


My approval of H.R. 5560 is unnecessary, because its provisions are identical to Title II, Subtitle G of H.R. 5210, the ``Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988,'' which I was pleased to approve on November 18, 1988. Accordingly, and in order to avoid creating further technical problems, I am withholding my approval of H.R. 5560.


Ronald Reagan


The White House,


November 23, 1988.