Appointment of John O. Koehler as a Member of the National Commission for Employment Policy


December 9, 1988


The President today announced his intention to appoint John O. Koehler to be a member of the National Commission for Employment Policy for a term expiring March 20, 1991. He would succeed Max L. Rowe.


Since 1985 Mr. Koehler has been president of Koehler International, Ltd., in Stamford, CT. In 1987 he served as Assistant to the President and Director of Communications at the White House. From 1957 to 1985, Mr. Koehler worked for the Associated Press News Agency, serving in numerous capacities: reporter and editor, 1957 - 1959; foreign correspondent in Frankfurt, Germany, 1959; head of the Bonn bureau, 1960 - 1963; chief correspondent in Berlin, 1963; chief of bureau in New Jersey, 1965; deputy director of personnel, 1967; general executive for personnel, 1968; general executive for the world services division, 1973; general executive for special international projects, 1975; assistant to president and general manager, 1976 - 1977; and deputy director, assistant general manager, and managing director of world services, 1977 - 1983.


Mr. Koehler served in the U.S. Army Reserve, 1954 - 1957. He was born June 11, 1930, in Dresden, Germany. He is married and currently resides in Stamford, CT.