Statement by Assistant to the President for Press Relations Fitzwater on the Southwestern Africa Peace Settlement


December 13, 1988


The signing of the protocol of Brazzaville this morning by the Governments of South Africa, Cuba, and Angola opens the way to peace and stability in southwestern Africa. This development fulfills President Reagan's policy determination made early in this administration to seek the removal of all foreign troops from Angola, the implementation of United Nations Resolution 435 for the independence of Namibia, and support for the UNITA [National Union for the Total Independence of Angola] freedom fighters in Angola. It was the combination of the United States steadfast support for these objectives and skillful mediation over a period of 8 years that made this breakthrough for peace possible.


The American mediating team, the participating governments, and President Sassou-Nguesso of the Congo are to be congratulated for their role in this extraordinary achievement. We hope that this major diplomatic milestone in southern Africa will be followed by renewed efforts to settle the internal conflict in Angola through a process of national reconciliation and peaceful negotiation among Angolans.