USSS Personnel Involved in the Assassination Attempt on President Reagan - March 30, 1981

The following Secret Service personnel have been publicly named as playing a direct role in events surrounding the March 30, 1981 assassination attempt on President Reagan, by John Hinckley, at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

Members of the Presidential Protective Detail (PPD):
Fabel, Dennis [drove the second (follow-up) car to George Washington University Hospital after President Reagan was wounded]
Gordon, Mary Ann [lead transportation agent for President Reagan’s visit to the Washington Hilton]
Green, William [lead advance agent for President Reagan’s visit to the Washington Hilton]
Lightsey, Thomas [retrieved Hinckley’s gun from the pavement after Hinckley was tackled]
McCarthy, Dennis V. N. [first agent to tackle Hinckley after the assassination attempt]*
McCarthy, Timothy [wounded in the assassination attempt]*
McIntosh, Dale [helped guard President Reagan at George Washington University Hospital]
Miller, Russell*
Parr, Jerry [Special Agent in Charge, PPD]*
Shaddick, Raymond [Assistant Special Agent in Charge, PPD]*
Spriggs, (Carlton) Daniel "Danny"*
Unrue, (Thomas) Drew [driver of the Presidential car; drove President Reagan to George Washington University Hospital]*
Wanko, Robert

Other USSS Personnel:
Miller, Pat [Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge, Washington Field Office; coordinated security at GWU Hospital after President Reagan arrived]
Mobley, Paul [Washington Field Office; assisted with Presidential advance]
White, Frederick [Assistant Director of the Secret Service for Administration; met the President’s car upon its arrival at GWU Hospital]

* = received Secret Service or Treasury Department awards for actions taken during the assassination attempt

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