President Reagan's Medical Procedures

Date   Procedure

President Reagan underwent surgery to have a bullet removed from his left lung. Performed at George Washington University Hospital by Dr. Benjamin Aaron and Dr. Joseph Giordano.

9/1983   President Reagan began wearing a hearing aid. Said to be the long term result of a revolver being fired too close to his ears on a movie set 44 years prior.
7/12/1985   President Reagan had a polyp removed from his colon. During the procedure a second, larger polyp was discovered. Performed at Bethesda Naval Hospital.
7/13/1985   President Reagan had surgery to have the second polyp, which was found to be cancerous, removed. Also at Bethesda and performed by Dr. Dale Oller, USN, head of general surgery at Bethesda.
7/30/1985   President Reagan had surgery to have a basal cell epithelioma, a form of skin cancer, removed from his nose.
7/31/1987   President Reagan had surgery to have a basal cell epithelioma removed from his nose. Performed at Bethesda Naval Medical Center by Captain Theodore Parlette, Chief of Dermatology, Bethesda; Army Colonel John Hutton, Jr., White House physician; and Rear Admiral William M. Narva, physician to Congress.
1/7/1989   President Reagan had elective surgery to have a Dupuytren’s contracture of his left hand (ring finger) corrected. Performed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

President Reagan's Personal Physicians

Ruge, Daniel A.  1/21/81
Smith, T. Burton 1/02/85
Hutton, John E., Jr. 1/01/87

Assistant Physicians

Dr. Eric Louie
Dr. Kenneth Lee
Dr. Rodney W. Savage
Dr. Robert Gasser
Dr. Lawrence Mohr