Statement on Signing the Continuing Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 1987

October 11, 1986

I am signing H.J. Res. 751, further continuing appropriations for the fiscal year 1987, allowing the Government to operate for 5 more days until the Congress can agree on a full year's budget. I do this with great reluctance. The Congress has had over 8 months to pass the necessary appropriations bills. The new fiscal year began nearly 2 weeks ago. I have already signed two temporary funding extensions and made it clear what steps are necessary for the Congress to pass an acceptable full-year budget.

Yet, due largely to the desire of the House of Representatives to use an omnibus appropriations bill as a vehicle for unnecessary spending and other harmful initiatives that could not be enacted through the normal legislative process, agreement has not been reached. This is no way to run the Federal Government. It is inefficient, disruptive, and costly -- in a word, it is a disgrace. I repeat my call for the Congress to do its duty: Send me an acceptable budget without further delay.

Note: H.J. Res. 751, approved October 11, was assigned Public Law No. 99 - 465.