Ronald Reagan


Ronald Reagan, our 40th President, lived a long and varied life. His careers included broadcasting, acting, trade union leadership and politics. He loved America, his horses, his family and his beloved wife Nancy. 

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Reagan Administration


The Reagan Administration began with a faltering economy, a hostage crisis, and conflicts with the Soviet Union in the Cold War. The Iranian hostages returned on Reagan's first day in office, and by 1989 the United States had a booming economy and a more positive relationship with the Soviet Union.

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Nancy Reagan


Nancy Davis Reagan considered her greatest accomplishment to be by her beloved "Ronnie's" side to support him in all his endeavors. As First Lady of California and the Nation, Nancy Reagan was a sponsor of the Foster Grandparents program and passionate about stopping drug use and abuse especially among young people.

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Honoring Reagan

President Reagan has been honored in numerous ways, the largest being his Presidential Library and Museum.  

The doors of this library are open now and all are welcome. The judgment of history is left to you, the people…” Ronald Reagan, 11/04/1991

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The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation is a private, non-profit organization founded to honor the legacy of Ronald Reagan and promote his beliefs and ideals.