Secrets Of WWII

April 2, 2022 - October 9, 2022

Explore the wild, strange and sometimes shocking twists of World War II from the battles along our California coast to the battlefields of Japan, Germany, London, and more. Shine a light on the controversies and intrigues of World War II. See secrets of the war's guarded technologies revealed. Best of all, learn about unsung heroes and their actions which altered the course of the war.

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Virtual Exhibit Gallery

The museum collection of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum comprises some 83,000 three-dimensional objects and works of art. Highlighted here are gifts, presented to President Reagan by world leaders as well as private citizens and the stories that connect them.

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Ask a Curator

Want to know more about an object in our collection or learn more about an exhibit? Reach out to our museum team and we will get back to you ASAP.

Permanent Exhibits

22 galleries introducing the life and Presidency of Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Governor of California

Ronald Reagan served as the governor of California from 1967 to 1975; running on the campaign of smaller government, lower taxes, fewer regulations, and greater economic freedom. 

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The First Lady

Mrs. Reagan's special project was fighting drug and alcohol abuse among youth.To spotlight the problem, she traveled nearly 250,000 miles throughout the United States and several countries in conjunction with her campaign to fight substance abuse.

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The Berlin Wall

Ronald Reagan took on the enormous challenge of bringing down the Iron Curtain.

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FBI: From Al Capone to Al Qaeda

Now, in a worldwide premiere, come see FBI: From Al Capone to Al Qaeda at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum – a brand-new 11,000 square foot exhibition which covers the history of the storied agency from inception to its modern day efforts to fight domestic terrorism in the United States.

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