Personal Paper Collections at the Reagan Library

These collections consist of papers donated to the Reagan Presidential Library by individuals with some connection to Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Ronald Reagan's various careers, or research material generated by our holdings on specific topics. Included in this material are the 1976 and 1980 Reagan political campaigns; personal records both pre and post-presidential for Ronald Reagan; Nancy Reagan Papers; and 1980 Transition Materials.

This is not a comprehensive list of the Library's donated personal paper collections. The collections listed here are fully available for research use. Some material has been withdrawn according to the donor's deeds of gift particularly regarding personal privacy or national security classified material. For more information on donated personal papers at the Reagan Library, please contact our archival staff.


Ronald Reagan 1980 Campaign Papers, 1976-1981

Reagan, Nancy: Papers, 1954-1994


Adelman, Roger M.: Papers, 1981-1982

Allen, Richard: Papers, 1981

Anderson, Martin: Papers, 1976, 1979-1980

Bell, Terrel H.: Papers, 1981-1984

Buckley, James L.: Papers, 1984

Cabot, Mabel H.: Papers, 1981-1982

Clotworthy, William C.: Papers, 1954-2002

Cullin, Ray: Papers, 1967-1992

Dockens, Ruth: Papers, 1977-2012

Ficklin, John Woodson: Papers, 1946-1994

Fritz, Sara: Papers, 1981-1983

Graber, Ted, 1981-1989

Hart, Louise: Papers, 1966-1980

Hill, M. Charles: Papers, 1982-1989

Khachigian, Kenneth: Papers, 1980-1982

Komisar, Lucy: Papers, 1982-1987

McAndrews, Colleen Conway: Papers, 1970

Miller, John O.: Publications, 1945-2014

Miller, John O.: Papers, 1945-2014 (In Progress)

Northrup, Herbert R.: Papers, 1972-1991

Perry, Shirley: Papers, 1979-1984

Rabb, Ambassador Maxwell M.: Papers, 1980-1989

Savas, E. S. (Steve): Papers, 1981-1983

Shultz, George P.: Papers, 1982-1989

Smith, Charles P.: Papers, 1968-1991

Sprinkel, Beryl W.: Papers, 1981-2001

Walker, Ronald H: Papers, 1976-2006

Whittlesey, Faith Ryan: Papers, 2012-2014


The Mary Hendrix Anti-Communist Ephemera Collection

The Evelyn Philips Anti-Communist Ephemera Collection