...most Americans state their belief that no matter how big government gets and no matter how many services it provides, it can never take the place of volunteers. In other words, the American people understand that there are no substitutes for gifts of service given from the heart.

Ronald Reagan
June 2, 1986 - Ceremony for the President's Volunteer Action Awards

Steve C.


"As a retired Captain of the Fire Department I was looking for something rewarding to do with my time. While attending an event at the Reagan Library I was encouraged to become a docent. As they say, “The Rest Is History”. I’ve been a docent now since 2010 and I love it."

Georgette M.


"Coming from an educator's background I was honored to become a docent at the Reagan Library. I wanted to donate my time in a place where I could make a difference by sharing President Reagan’s positive and inspirational message to our visitors."

Asia S.

Archives Intern

"As an Archival Intern at the Reagan Library, I get to see history up close. Every file I organize or document I preserve teaches me something new about the past. It's hand-on work that really makes a difference, and I love being part of it"

Volunteer with Us


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is accepting applications for the Docent position. This position will play an essential and dynamic role in sharing the legacy of President Reagan to visitors from all over the world.


Under the supervision of the Volunteer Program Coordinator, the candidate will be expected to provide professional and polished service to guests, work a standing four-hour shift per week, lead tours, staff museum stations, and complete a series of training classes. A routine background check and finger-printing is also required.


All candidates (students, retirees, and working adults) are encouraged to apply, however you must be at least 16 years of age. No education is necessary, just a desire to learn and share the legacy of President Reagan. Public speaking and previous working experience in a museum setting is not required. Verbal communication and customer service skills are helpful.

Compensation: This is not a paid position.

Position Type: Part-time. Position Location: Simi Valley, CA.

Application Deadline: On-going status.

Become an Archives Intern

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is accepting applications for the Archivist Associate Intern position. You will work with archival staff on various projects involving primary source material, both textual and audiovisual.

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Employment Opportunities

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is part of the United States Government and has a variety of jobs in performing its primary goal of preserving historic records and making them available to the public. Find your future career today!

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Other Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to contribute at the National Archives. We offer volunteer placement online and nationwide.

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