Federal Records, 1980-1989

These are the Federal records held at the Reagan Library. The largest holdings are the 1980 and 1985 Inaugural Committees and the remainder of the material is for task forces and commissions usually created by the President but run as federal task forces. The Library also has a large collection of published materials from various agencies.

Some collections are fully available for research. Access to closed material is through the Freedom of Information Act.

For more information regarding these files please e-mail us: reagan.library@nara.gov

List of Federal Records

1981 Presidential Inaugural Committee: Records, 1980-1981

1985 Presidential Inaugural Committee: Records, 1984-1985

President's Task Force on the American Outdoors

President's Task Force on International Private Enterprise

President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives

Records of the Adjutant General's Office: Military Personnel File of Ronald W. Reagan (Record Group 407)

List of Federal Publications

Federal Agency Telephone Books, 1981-1989

Department of Defense Publications, 1981-1989

Department of State. Office of the Historian, 1981-1989