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Gubernatorial Speeches, 1967-1971

Select Speeches and Statements by Governor Reagan Please note this is not a complete list of Governor Reagan's speeches while Governor of California from 1967-1975. 1967 January 2, 1967 (01/02/1967) I...

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Ronald Reagan Announcement for Presidential Candidacy

Thank you for coming. I have called this press conference to announce that I am a candidate for the Presidency and to ask for the support of all Americans who share my belief that our nation needs to ...

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Ronald Reagans announcement for Presidential Candidacy, 1979

January 13, 1979 (01/13/1979) Good evening. I am here tonight to announce my intention to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States. I'm sure that each of us has seen our count...

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Republican National Convention Acceptance Speech, 1980

July 17, 1980 (07/17/1980) Mr. Chairman, delegates to the Convention, my fellow citizens of this great nation: With a deep awareness of the responsibility conferred by your trust, I accept your nomina...

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Peace: Restoring the Margin of Safety

Given at the Veteran's of Foreign Wars Convention, Chicago, Illinois August 18, 1980 (08/18/1980) Thank you Commander Vanderclute. Four weeks ago, I was deeply honored to go before a national conventi...

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January 4, 1971 (01/04/1971) Inaugural Address

JANUARY 4, 1971 Lieutenant Governor Reinecke , our fellow constitutional officers, leaders and members of the Senate and Assembly my fellow Californians: Remembering our last meeting here under these ...

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January 11, 1967 (01/11/1967) Address by Governor Ronald Reagan to the California Teachers Association Legislative Seminar

California Teachers Association Legislative Seminar January 11, 1967 (01/11/1967) Fellow members of the Administration, the Legislature, ladies and gentlemen of the California Teachers Association, la...

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April 1, 1967 (04/01/1967) Address of Governor Ronald Reagan to California Republican Assembly, Lafayette Hotel, Long Beach

Lafayette Hotel, Long Beach April 1, 1967 (04/01/1967) It is a pleasure to be here tonight ,, talking again to the members of the California Republican Assembly, California s oldest volunteer Republic...

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May 20, 1967 (05/20/1967) Address by Governor Ronald Reagan on the Installation of President Robert Hill, ChicoState College

Installation of President Robert Hill, Chico State College May 20, 1967 (05/20/1967) Chancellor Dumke, thank you.President Hill, my distinguished colleagues up here on the top shelf, I am glad that I ...

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Labor Day Speech at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey

September 1, 1980 (09/01/1980) It is fitting that on Labor Day, we meet beside the waters of New York harbor, with the eyes of Miss Liberty on our gathering and in the words of the poet whose lines ar...

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