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Ronald Reagan and John Anderson Presidential Debate

September 21, 1980 Mr. Moyers : None of the questions has been submitted in advance either to the League of Women Voters, or to the candidates, or to their representatives. Gentlemen, thank you both c...

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Public Papers of Ronald Reagan February 1981

February 2, 1981 (02/02/1981) Message on the Observance of National Afro-American (Black) History Month, February, 1981 Toasts at the Luncheon Honoring President Chun Doo Hwan of the Republic of Korea...

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Remarks on Signing the Federal Employee Hiring Freeze Memorandum and the Cabinet Member Nominations

January 20, 1981 (01/20/1981) The President. This -- for the benefit of the oral press -- this is an order that I am signing, an immediate freeze on the hiring of civilian employees in the executive b...

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Memorandum Directing Reductions in Federal Spending

January 22, 1981 (01/22/1981) Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies Subject: Reducing Unnecessary Federal Spending Coping with runaway deficits in the current and pending budg...

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Nominations, January 23, 1981 (01/23/1981)

Nomination of John O. Marsh, Jr., To Be Secretary of the Army January 23, 1981 (01/23/1981) The President today announced his intention to nominate John O. Marsh, Jr., as Secretary of the Army. Mr. Ma...

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Nominations, January 24, 1981 (01/24/1981)

Nomination of Vice Admiral B. R. Inman To Be Deputy Director of Central Intelligence January 24, 1981 (01/24/1981) The President announced today his intention to nominate Vice Admiral B. R. Inman as D...

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Appointment of Allen W. Locke as Deputy Staff Secretary of the White House

January 26, 1981 (01/26/1981) The President today announced the appointment of Allen W. Locke of Washington, D.C., as Deputy Staff Secretary of the White House. Mr. Locke's previous government experie...

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Remarks at a White House Reception for the Freed American Hostages and Their Families

January 27, 1981 (01/27/1981) Now, don't get worried. There's not going to be a lengthy speech here. I've been in office now for 1 week, and one of the things I've found out is that there are a few or...

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Nominations, January 29, 1981 (01/29/1981)

Nomination of Walter J. Stoessel, Jr., To Be an Under Secretary of State January 29, 1981 (01/29/1981) The President announced today his intention to nominate Walter J. Stoessel, Jr., as Under Secreta...

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Memorandum Postponing Pending Federal Regulations

January 29, 1981 (01/29/1981) Memorandum for The Secretary of the Treasury The Attorney General The Secretary of the Interior The Secretary of Agriculture The Secretary of Commerce The Secretary of La...

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