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Statement on the Presidential Election in the Philippines

February 15, 1986 (02/15/1986) We have followed with great interest and concern the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections in the Philippines. As the Philippines is a close friend and ally, what...

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Statement by Assistant to the President for Press Relations Fitzwater on the Iran Arms and Contra Aid Controversy Investigations

April 8, 1987 (04/08/1987) An agreement satisfactory to all parties has been reached with the Independent Counsel and congressional investigating committees to review the President's notes concerning ...

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Appointments January 8, 1988 (01/08/1988)

Appointment of Juanita Donaghey Duggan as Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison January 8, 1988 (01/08/1988) The President today announced the appointment of Juanita Donaghey Duggan to...

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Radio Address to the Nation on the United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement

January 9, 1988 (01/09/1988) My fellow Americans: If someone were to ask us as a nation who our best friends are, what would be the answer? It's difficult to imagine any better friends than our neighb...

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Remarks Following Discussions With Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita of Japan

January 13, 1988 (01/13/1988) The President. It has been a great pleasure to welcome Prime Minister Takeshita on his first visit to Washington since taking office in November. He is the leader of one ...

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Statement on the Soviet-United States Nuclear and Space Arms Negotiations

January 14, 1988 (01/14/1988) Today marks the opening in Geneva of round nine of the nuclear and space talks between the United States and the Soviet Union . Our objective in these talks remains uncha...

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Address to the Nation's Students on the Observance of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

January 15, 1988 (01/15/1988) Today we honor a man who dedicated his life to the pursuit of a dream -- a dream not just for himself but for you, for all of us, for America. And in honoring his commitm...

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Statement by Assistant to the President for Press Relations Fitzwater on the Central American Peace Process

January 19, 1988 (01/19/1988) President Reagan believes that the outcome of the January 15 summit meeting of the Central American Presidents presents important opportunities to further peace and democ...

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Nomination of Carol Pendas Whitten To Be a Member of the National Advisory Council on Educational Research and Improvement

January 19, 1988 (01/19/1988) The President today announced his intention to nominate Carol Pendas Whitten to be a member of the National Advisory Council on Educational Research and Improvement for a...

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Remarks on Presenting the Presidential Citizen's Medal to Brooke Astor

January 19, 1988 (01/19/1988) The President. Well, Brooke and ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, and welcome to the White House. We've gathered here today to bestow an honor upon a woman we all kno...

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