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Statement on the United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement

January 2, 1988 (01/02/1988) I am pleased to announce that Prime Minister Mulroney and I have today entered into an agreement to establish a free trade arrangement between the United States and Canada...

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Nominations and Designations January 7, 1988 (01/07/1988)

Nomination of William F. Burns To Be Director of the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency January 7, 1988 (01/07/1988) The President today announced his intention to nominate William F. B...

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Proclamation 5760 -- Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, 1988

January 12, 1988 (01/12/1988) By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation Twenty years ago this coming April, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was slain by an assassin in Memphis, Tenn...

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Presidential Finding Concerning Alaska Natural Gas

January 12, 1988 (01/12/1988) This Administration has been dedicated to encouraging free trade and to removing regulatory impediments that inhibit the development of our Nation's natural resources. Pr...

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Designations and Appointments January 14, 1988 (01/14/1988)

Designation of Nancy Schulze as a Member of the Board of Visitors to the United States Air Force Academy January 14, 1988 (01/14/1988) The President today announced his intention to designate Nancy Sc...

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Letter Accepting the Resignation of Robert H. Bork as United States Circuit Judge

January 14, 1988 (01/14/1988) Dear Bob: It is with deep sadness that I accept your decision to resign as United States Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia Circuit, effective February 5, 1988 (0...

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Remarks by Telephone to the Students and Faculty of Martin Luther King, Jr., Elementary School

January 15, 1988 (01/15/1988) The President. Hello. Mr. Dalton? Mr. Dalton. Good morning, Mr. President. The President. Well, it's good to speak to you, and I'm looking forward to saying a few words t...

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White House Statement on the Continuation of Military Aid to Pakistan

January 15, 1988 (01/15/1988) The President today signed and sent to Congress waivers to the law that would require a cutoff in aid to Pakistan under the Symington and the Solarz amendments because of...

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Nominations, Designations and Appointments January 21, 1988 (01/21/1988)

Nomination of Chester E. Norris, Jr., To Be United States Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea January 21, 1988 (01/21/1988) The President today announced his intention to nominate Chester E. Norris, Jr., ...

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Statement by Assistant to the President for Press Relations Fitzwater on the Innovative Emissions Control Technologies Program

January 23, 1988 (01/23/1988) The President has instructed his advisers to continue discussions with their Canadian counterparts toward completion of a bilateral air quality accord. He reiterated his ...

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