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C584-12, Official Portrait of President Reagan. 1981.

C580-2, Portrait of President Reagan and Nancy Reagan in Blue Room. 02/07/1981.

C30228, Official Portrait of President Reagan. 1985

C1010-4, President and Nancy Reagan pose in the Blue Room for their official portrait. 03/04/1981.

C3033-2, Official portrait of President Reagan and Vice President Bush. 07/16/1981 .

C15148-4, President Reagan posing outside the Oval Office. 06/06/1983.

C23568-19, President Reagan posing on the White House Colonnade. 08/17/1984.

C23953-8, President Reagan posing for Fortune magazine on the White House Colonnade. 08/20/1984.

C24744-22, President Reagan poses at the White House. 10/03/1984.

C25409-23, President Reagan poses at his Oval Office desk. 10/25/1984.

C29579-12, President Reagan posing on the colonnade. 06/04/1985.

C30229, Official Portrait of the Reagans. 06/03/1985.

C50502-5, Official portrait of the Reagans in the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden. 11/16/1988.

C48772-12A, Official portrait of President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Vice President Bush and Barbara Bush on the White House colonnade. 08/11/1988.

C140-12, 1981 Inaugural Family Photo: (standing from left to right) Geoffrey Davis, Dennis Revell, Michael Reagan, Cameron Reagan, President Reagan, Neil Reagan, Dr. Richard Davis, Ron Reagan (sitting from left to right) Anne Davis, Maureen Reagan, Colleen Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Bess Reagan, Patricia Davis, Patti Davis, Doria Reagan. 01/20/1981.

C26899-18, 1985 Inaugural Family Photo: (from left to right) Bess Reagan, Maureen Reagan, Dennis Revell, Neil Reagan, Michael Reagan, Ashley Marie Reagan, Colleen Reagan, President Reagan, Cameron Reagan, Patti Davis, Nancy Reagan, Ron Reagan, Doria Reagan, Geoffrey Davis, Anne Davis, Dr. Richard Davis, Patricia Davis. 01/21/1985.

C51257-2, President Reagan posed photo in Los Angeles, California. 12/27/1988.