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Colleen Conway McAndrews was born in 1946. She graduated from Berkeley with a teaching credential and later received a J.D. from UCLA. She has been involved in Republican politics and elections for over twenty-five years.

From 1966-1972, McAndrews served as a campaign staffer for her local assemblyman in San Francisco, California. In 1970, she served as controller for Ronald Reagan’s gubernatorial reelection campaign. In 2000, she was also involved in Florida’s presidential recount. Three years later, she defended California’s recall election of Governor Gray Davis and became Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign treasurer.

McAndrews is married and has four children. She is a partner in the law firm Bell, McAndrews, Hiltachk, and Dividian. She resides in Santa Monica, Cali

Collection Description

The files in this collection pertain to Ronald Reagan’s California gubernatorial reelection campaign in 1970. The collection is primarily a county-by-county breakdown list of local Republican groups pledged to support Reagan’s campaign and various regional statistics.

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