This material is part of the National Archives Record Group 274: Presidential Inaugural Committees, 1933-present. This collection is available in whole for research use.

Collection Description

Series I: Office of the Chairman, 1980-1981

This series consists of five sub-series.

Sub-Series A: Robert K. Gray Office
Sub-Series B: General Counsel Office Files, 1980-1981
Sub-Series C: Armed Forces Inaugural Committe, 1980-1981
Sub-Series D: Communications Committee, 1980-1981
Sub-Series E: Final Reports to the Chairman, 1981
Series II: Office of the Executive Directors

This series consists of two sub-series.

Subseries A: Frederick K. Biebel Office Files
Subseries B: Robert G. McCune Office Files
Series III: Office of the Executive Advisor

This series consists of two sub-series.

Subseries A: Congressional Liaison Committee
Subseries B: Judicial Liaison Committee
Series IV: Executive Office Staff

This series consists of seven sub-series.

Subseries A: Correspondence Control
Sub-Series B: Facilities, 1980-1981
Sub-Series C: Personnel, 1980-1981
Sub-Series D: Procurement, 1980-1981
Sub-Series E: Security and Clearances, 1980-1981
Sub-Series F: Ticket Control
Sub-Series G: Transportation, 1980-1981
Series V: Inaugural Committee Groups

This series consists of 17 sub-series


Subseries A: Advertising/Promotion
Subseries B: Inaugural Balls (Group III)
Subseries C: Inaugural Concert and Candlelight Dinner, 1980-1981 (Group IV)
Subseries D: Vice-President's Reception, 1980-1981 (Group V)
Subseries E: Governor's Reception, 1980-1981 (Group VI)
Subseries F: Distinguished Ladies Reception, 1980-1981 (Group VII)
Subseries G: Inaugural Souvenir Book, 1980-1981 (Group VIII)
Subseries H: Group X. Civic Participation
Subseries I: Group XI. PUblic Safety & Reviewing Stands
Subseries J: Group XIII License Plates
Subseries K: Group XIV - Special Groups
Subseries L: Group XV - Parade Committee
Subseries M: Group XVI - Inaugural Balls in States
Subseries N: Group XVII - Business, Industry & Special Events
Subseries O: Group XIX - Hospitality
Subseries P: Group XXI: Outdoor Concert Committee
Subseries Q: Group XXVIII - Housing
Series VI: Printed Materials for Events, 1981
Series VII: Audio-Visual Records of Inaugural, 1981
Series VIII: Artifacts/Objects
Series IX: Architectural Drawings

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