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On January 28, 1985, President Reagan signed Executive Order 12503 to create an advisory commission to review outdoor recreation resources. 

The Commission was to have 15 members from the private sector, federal legislators, recreational and other service organizations and State and local governments.  

The Commission was to review existing public outdoor recreation policies, programs, and opportunities provided by the Federal government, State and local governments, and private organizations and entities and shall review privately provided outdoor recreation resources to the extent that they affect the demand for public outdoor recreation resources. The Commission shall, consistent with the need for fiscal economy at all levels of government, make recommendations to the President concerning the outdoor recreation resources, programs, and opportunities that will ensure the future availability of outdoor recreation for the American people. In making its recommendations, the Commission shall assess the budgetary and regulatory cost increases or cost savings of its proposals, and shall, to the extent possible, utilize such studies, data, and reports previously prepared or under preparation by Federal agencies, States, private organizations or other entities.

The Commisson was to have public hearings and provide a final report and was given 15 months to complete its work. 

In August 1985, Reagan issued Executive Order #12529 which extended the deadline for the Commission work to December 31, 1986 and changed the name of the Commission to the President's Task Force on Americans Outdoors.

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