This series includes selected documents that agency staff sent to the Governor's Office to represent its work, and are not the official records of the agency, which are housed in the California State Archives.

The following State departments reported to the Secretary of the Business and Transportation Agency: Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Department of Aeronautics, State Banking Department, Department of Corporations, Department of California Highway Patrol, Department of Housing and Community Development, Department of Insurance, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Public Works, Department of Real Estate, Department of Savings and Loan.

This collection is arranged into three series. Given the size and responsibilities of this agency, the collection is unusually small. There are no correspondence files and subject files as you would expect to find in a collection of this type. The material reflects the activities of only one of its Secretaries, Gordon Luce, which is incomplete and appears to have been received after the fact. It has yet to be determined if the activities of the other Secretaries and this agency is documented elsewhere in the Reagan Gubernatorial Papers.

Collection Description

SERIES I: GORDON LUCE FILES, 1967-1969 (-1 l.ft., Box 1)

These files consist of items regarding Gordon Luce, who served as Secretary of the Business and Transportation agency from 1967 to 1969. This material appears to have been received from Luce after Governor Reagan left office in 1974. There is a file of original letters from Reagan to Luce most of which were received after 1969. The materials also consists of press releases and newspaper clippings regarding Luce and the Agency, photographs, a campaign brochure, a May 1969 summary of the accomplishments of the Agency, and a copy of a report by the Governor’s Task Force on Transportation.

SERIES II: ACCOMPLISHMENTS SUMMARIES, 1966-1973 (-1 l.ft., Box 1-2)

This series consists of the memorandums and papers each department within the Business and Transportation Agency prepared reporting on the goals and accomplishments of said department. Many of the summaries dealt with the progress made on implementing the recommendations that had been made in the Governor’s Survey on Efficiency and Cost Control. There are also summaries regarding the progress made in implementing new legislation that effected the departments. This material includes a detailed report issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles covering 1967 through 1973.

SERIES III: PUBLICATIONS, 1967-1974 (1 l.ft., Boxes 2-4)

This series consists of a variety of publications that were prepared by many, but not all, of the departments within the Business and Transportation Agency. Most of the publications are from the Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) and the Department of Public Works. Many of the publications consist of reports that are required by state law.

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