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During Ronald Reagan’s first term as Governor of California, the executive branch of the state government was organized into four agencies. The Resources Agency was one of the four agencies created. It included a number of state departments that regulated or managed the state’s natural resources. Norman B. Livermore Jr. was appointed by the Governor to serve as the Resources Agency’s Secretary. Livermore had served as the Treasurer for the Pacific Lumber Company and was a member of the Sierra Club.

The following State boards and departments reported to the Secretary of the Resources Agency: Air Resources Board, Department of Conservation (including the Divisions of Forestry, Mines and Geology, Oil and Gas, Public Affairs, and Soil Conservation), Department of Fish and Game, Department of Navigation and Ocean Development, Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of Water Resources, and the State Water Resources Control Board.

This collection is arranged into two Series: Governor’s Office and Departments, Divisions and Boards.

There may be some closures in open folders under the terms of the Deed of Gift for this collection. Most likely closures would be for personal privacy.


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Collection Description

SERIES I: GOVERNOR’S OFFICE, 1967-1974 (18.2 l.ft., Boxes R1-R52)

The Governor’s Office series constitutes the working files of the Resources Agency and reflects the activities of Livermore and his Assistant Administrator Ford B. Ford. The Governor’s Office Series is comprised of eight sub-series: Subject Files, Legislation Files, Dos Rios Project Files, Governor’s Conference on California’s Changing Environment, Governor’s Survey on Efficiency and Cost Control, Speeches by Norman B. Livermore, Jr., Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, and Resources Agency Reports and Publications. A more detailed description of each sub-series follows.

SUBSERIES A: Subject Files, 1967-1974 (4 l.ft., Boxes R1-R11)

These files consist of correspondence, memorandums, reports, policy papers, statements, and press releases relating to a variety of topics.  The materials are arranged in their original alphabetical order.

SUBSERIES B: Legislation Files, 1967-1974 (5.3 l.ft., Boxes R11-R26)

These files consist of correspondence, memorandums, reports, statements, and copies of proposed State and Federal Legislation. Files regarding state ballot propositions include campaign materials for or against the proposition.  The material is arranged alphabetically by the topic of the legislation, then by year, and finally by bill number.

SUBSERIES C: Dos Rios Project Files (4.1 l.ft., Boxes R26-R37)

These files pertain to a controversial dam that was to be built on the Eel River in Northern California.  The files include construction plans proposed by the Army Corps of Engineers, correspondence for and against the project, transcripts of public hearings, and reports recommending alternatives to the proposed project.

SUBSERIES D: Governor’s Conference on California’s Changing Environment (3 l.ft., Boxes R37-R45)

This series pertains to the Conference on California’s Changing Environment held November 17-18, 1969 at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The conference topics covered the impact of air pollution, water pollution, landfills, and urban sprawl on the quality of life in California. The conference was designed to bring together government officials, academic researchers, representatives of the private sector, and representatives of environmental groups to discuss possible solutions to the variety of environmental problems facing California. These materials include the recommendations of the Citizen’s Committee that organized the conference, financial records, attendance records, and papers presented at the conference.

SUBSERIES E: Governor’s Survey on Efficiency and Cost Control (1.2 l.ft, Boxes R46-49)

The Survey on Efficiency and Cost control was a major initiative of the Reagan administration to promote efficiency in the California state government.  These materials consist of the Survey’s recommendations regarding the California departments that reported to the Secretary of the Resource Agency, and the progress made in implementing the recommendations.

SUBSERIES F: Speeches by Norman B. Livermore, Jr. (-1 l.ft., Box R49)

Materials include speeches, statements and testimony given to legislative committees by Norman Livermore. These materials are arranged chronologically.

SUBSERIES G: Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (1 l.ft., Boxes R49-R51)

As Secretary to the Resources Agency Livermore served on the Advisory Planning Commission of the TRPA, which was created by an interstate compact with the state of Nevada.  These materials pertain to the activities and powers of the TRPA.

SUBSERIES H: Resources Agency Reports and Publications (-1 l.ft., Boxes R51-R52)

Materials consist of a variety of publications and reports produced by the Resource Agency of California.

SERIES II: DEPARTMENTS, DIVISIONS AND BOARDS, 1967-1974 (13.3 l.ft., Boxes R52-R91)

This series consists of materials submitted to the Resources Agency by its various departments as part of the History and Archives Project. At the end of Reagan’s second term, the various components of the State government were asked to submit reports issued during the Reagan administration to the Governor’s Office. This series is divided into thirteen sub-series which reflect the components of the Resources Agency that submitted materials to the History and Archives Project. The sub-series consist of: Subseries A: Air Resources Board; Subseries B: Department of Conservation (including Subseries C: Division of Forestry; Subseries D: Division of Mines and Geology; Subseries E: Division of Oil and Gas; Subseries F: Division of Public Affairs; Subseries G: Division of Soil Conservation); Subseries H: Department of Fish and Game; Subseries I: Department of Navigation and Ocean Development; Subseries J: Department of Parks and Recreation; Subseries K: Department of Water Resources; Subseries L: State Water Resources Control Board, and Subseries M: The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. This Commission is an independent agency.

Some of the departments submitted only published information. Other departments also submitted lists of accomplishments during the Reagan administration, important decision memorandums, or other types of internal documents. The materials are arranged alphabetically by department, and then alphabetically by division. Many departments issue numbered publications or bulletins, which have been arranged numerically.

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