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10/27/1964"A Time For Choosing", Televised Campaign Address for Goldwater Presidential Campaign, (29:00, black & white) Downloadable mp4

11/20/1975Ronald Reagan’s Announcement for Presidential Candidacy and Press Conference, National Press Club, Washington, DC (Remarks 5:45, Question and Answer 26:40)

03/31/1976"To Restore America", Televised Campaign Address, (28:38) Downloadable mp4

8/19/1976, Ronald Reagan's Remarks at the Republican National Convention, Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri, (5:00)

11/13/1979Ronald Reagan's Announcement for Presidential Candidacy, Televised Nationally, (26:00) Downloadable mp4

04/23/1980, Ronald Reagan and George Bush Debate, Houston, Texas (WHCA R13, 60:00) Downloadable mp4

07/17/1980, Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech, Republican National Convention, Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan (WHCA, WHTV, 46:00) Downloadable mp4

08/18/1980, Ronald Reagan's Speech at the VFW Convention, Chicago, Illinois (RB80 30:00) Downloadable mp4

09/1/1980Ronald Reagan's Speech at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey (RB80 20:00) Downloadable mp4

09/21/1980 Ronald Reagan and John Anderson Debate, (WHCA R19, 60:00) Downloadable mp4

10/19/1980"A Strategy for Peace in the 80s" Televised Campaign Address, (WHCA R22, 28:00) Downloadable mp4

10/24/1980"A Vital Economy: Jobs, Growth, and Progress for Americans", Televised Campaign Address, (WHCA R23, 30:00)

10/28/1980Presidential Debate with Jimmy Carter, Convention Center Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio (WHCA R24, 90:00) Downloadable mp4

10/31/1980, Ronald Reagan Campaign Commercial Speech (Moody Coliseum, Dallas), (WHCA R28, 29:00) Downloadable mp4

11/1/1980, Ronald Reagan Campaign Commercial, (WHCA R29, 5:00)

11/3/1980Ronald Reagan's Election Eve Address "A Vision for America" Televised Campaign Address, (WHCA R30, 27:00) Downloadable mp4