Use of Audiovisual Records

The use of a likeness of another individual, either in photographs or other audiovisual materials, furnished to you by the Reagan Library, may be subject to California Civil code 3344 or similar statute of another state. The California statute prohibits the use of a photograph of an individual, without that person's consent, in certain situations and provides a course of action to recover damages for such nonconsensual use. For example, it is prohibited to use the likeness of another for purposes of advertising or selling or soliciting purchases of products or services. It is incumbent upon you as the researcher to know and abide by the restrictions imposed on the usage of these materials by the state of California, as well as other states which regulate the use of photographs or likenesses of another.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation has expressed concern regarding the misuse of photographs of the former President. Please contact the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation if you have questions regarding use of the photographs or other audiovisual materials provided to you by the Reagan Library:

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation
40 Presidential Drive
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Phone: (805) 522-2977
FAX: (805) 520-9702