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“First Ladies: Nancy Reagan” C-SPAN 01/13/2014
CBS Evening News, The McLaughlin Group, 3 Segments 10/28/1989
Drop By meeting of the Advisory Committee on Presidential Libraries, Photo Op Week 11/14-20/1988 WHTV #137 (not complete) 11/17/1988
East Berlin-photos
Jane Wyman, Movie stills, Nelle Reagan, Maureen as baby, Ronald Reagan in US Army Air Force military uniform
KABC News Special on Reagan Library “Sports Exhibit” 11:00-11:30 02/06/1997
Library Directors, NL Staff in Reagan Library Oval Office 11/01/1991
President Reagan and Caribbean leaders in Barbados 04/08/1982
Reagan Freedom Medal ceremony for Rudy Giuliani at Beverly Hilton Hotel, C-SPAN 03/08/2002
Ronald Reagan 21 Aircraft Salute with USAF F-15 aircraft 06/09/2004
Ronald Reagan Campaigning with Richard Kirkpatrick at the Vet Building, Santa Maria 04/15/1966
Ronald Reagan from film “Kings Row”
Senator Fred Thompson Speech at the Reagan Library, introduction by Larry Baumgartner, C-SPAN 10/16/1997
Signing Ceremony for Depository Amendments of 1982 at White House, WHTV #407 09/15/1982
The Reagan’s 01/01/1973
The Reagan’s visit to NAS Point Mugu in 1981 01/01/1981
US Air Force USAF C-9 aircraft used by VIPs 01/19/2010
‘Untold History of the United States,” Part 8 (Reagan and Gorbachev), Showtime
"60 Minutes," Robert McFarlane Interview, CBS
"60 Minutes", Segment on AIDS and Children with Ronald Reagan and Elizabeth Glaser, CBS 02/04/1990
"A Time for Choosing" and Ronald Reagan speech campaigning for Goldwater 10/27/1964
"Air Force One," National Geographic Special
"Air Force One: The Planes and the Presidents"
"Air Force One" documentary, History Cahnnel
"As Others See You" Understanding and reporting foreign intelligence threats, training tape
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