April 15, 1983

The President today announced his intention to accord the personal rank of Ambassador to Diana Lady Dougan, of Utah, in her capacity as Coordinator for International Communication and Information Policy.

The Coordinator operates at the Assistant Secretary level and is located in the Department of State and reports to the Under Secretary of State for Coordinating Security Assistance Programs.

Mrs. Dougan will exercise overall coordinating responsibility within the Federal community for policy formulation and oversight. She will work closely with the Congress and serve as principal liaison with the private sector. Mrs. Dougan will also have major responsibilities for working with senior officials of foreign governments and international organizations.

Mrs. Dougan has served in a number of positions involving telecommunications policy, planning, and programing in both the public and private sector. She recently served in her second Presidential appointment as a Director of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in addition to her activities as a marketing and telecommunications specialist with Dougan & Associates of Salt Lake City. She has also contributed her services as producer for a number of television programs, including ``The MX Debate,'' which in 1981 won the prestigious Peabody Award for excellence in broadcast journalism. For several years, Mrs. Dougan was CATV marketing and promotion director for TIME, Inc., in New York, where she also did freelance consulting and on-air work in both commercial and cable TV.

She is active nationally in a variety of public service and cultural endeavors, including the national advisory councils of the Center for the Study of the Presidency, Ballet West, the U.S. Committee of the International Institute of Communications, and the board of U.S. Film and Video. She is married to J. Lynn Dougan, an economist, and they have two children.