March 18, 1987

The White House today sent to the Congress a series of proposed steps to streamline the Government's export control procedures for high technology items. These proposals are part of the President's energetic program to enhance America's competitiveness in the world economy. This nation's ability to export its high technology products and services is central to our ability to compete. At the same time, we remain mindful of aggressive Soviet efforts to acquire Western technology. Soviet successes in this area have contributed directly to Soviet military capability and have cost the American taxpayer dearly as the United States seeks to maintain its technological lead.

The proposals submitted today will simplify export procedures and eliminate administrative burdens on U.S. exporters. They include the exemption from license requirements of a number of low technology items, which should reduce the total number of export license applications by almost 10 percent. The proposals will also eliminate the need for reexport authorization to coordinating committee for multilateral export controls (COCOM) countries and will put in place a certified end-user program whereby COCOM country government-related enterprises will not need validated export licenses. Another proposal will allow foreign manufacturers to reexport U.S. parts and components up to a certain level without U.S. Government reexport authorization.

The administration looks forward to working with the Congress in the export control system in a way that meets the needs of American exporters and protects our fundamental national security interests.