January 27, 1982

On Wednesday, January 27th, Dr. Roberto Suazo Cordova will be inaugurated as President of the Republic of Honduras. Dr. Suazo was chosen for his office in a free and democratic election held on November 29. We regard that election, which completed the return to civilian government from military rule, to be an excellent example for the region.

To represent him at the inauguration, the President has chosen the following delegation:

Senator Jesse A. Helms of North Carolina, Head of Delegation;
Representative William F. Goodling of Pennsylvania;
Representative Robert Lagomarsino of California;
Ambassador Thomas O. Enders, Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs;
Elliott Abrams, Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs;
Ambassador John D. Negroponte, Ambassador to Honduras;
Lt. Gen. Wallace H. Nutting, Commander in Chief, United States Southern Command;
Roger Fontaine, National Security Council;
F. Frederick Brown, president of Brown, Stevens, Elmore & Sparre, Sacramento, Calif.;
Dr. Alfred Marquez, physician and surgeon, of San Francisco, Calif.;
Miguel Gomez, Department of Revenue, State of Nebraska.