July 16, 1986

The President today announced his intention to appoint the following individuals to be delegates to the National White House Conference on Small Business. These are new positions:

Becky G. Dodson, of Texas. Mrs. Dodson is a partner and general manager of Holiday Oldsmobile/Isuzu, Inc., in Amarillo, TX.

Kerry W. Hamilton, of Mississippi. Mr. Hamilton is president of Aquaculture Products, Inc., in Greenwood, MS.

W. James Host, of Kentucky. Mr. Host is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Host Communications, Inc., in Lexington, KY.

Elizabeth Strong Ussery, of Virginia. Mrs. Ussery is vice president, government affairs, Collins & Associates, Inc., in Alexandria, VA.

Charles V. Cummins, of California. Mr. Cummins is president of Gemmel Pharmacy Group, Inc., in Ontario, CA.