November 5, 1987

The President today announced the appointment of Kathleen Osborne to be Deputy Assistant to the President. Ms. Osborne will remain in the personal office of the President, where she has served as Special Assistant to the President since November 1985. Previously Ms. Osborne served for 4 years as Personal Secretary to the President. As Deputy Assistant, she will continue her duties in that capacity.

While President Reagan was Governor of California, Ms. Osborne was assistant personal secretary to the Governor for approximately 2 years and was also personal secretary to the First Lady of California, Mrs. Ronald Reagan, for approximately 2 years. In 1975 she opened her own business, a ladies apparel store, in Sacramento, CA, and managed it until she was appointed in October 1981 to be Personal Secretary to the President. Ms. Osborne closed her business in December 1984.

A native of Sacramento, CA, Ms. Osborne currently resides in Arlington, VA with her 13-year-old daughter, Shelley. Her 20-year-old son, Scott, is a junior in college in Sacramento, CA.