December 10, 1984

The President today announced his intention to appoint the following individuals to be members of the National Advisory Council on Indian Education for terms expiring September 29, 1987:

Gloria Ann Duus will succeed Terrance J. Brown. She is program director for the Office of Navajo Women in Window Rock, AZ. She graduated from the University of Utah (B.S.) and Northern Arizona University (M.S.). She is married, has three children, and resides in Yahtahey, NM. She was born March 6, 1951, in Brigham City, UT.

W.L. Martin will succeed Dennis Demmert. He is administrator of technical assistance for the Wisconsin Council on Criminal Justice in Madison, WI. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin (B.S.). He is married, has one child, and resides in Madison, WI. He was born August 25, 1946, in Shawano, WI.