October 7, 1983

The President today announced his intention to designate Anthony G. Sousa to be Acting Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Department of Energy, effective October 8, 1983. The present Chairman, Charles M. Butler III, is resigning.

Since 1981 Mr. Sousa has been a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Previously he was vice president and general counsel of the Hawaiian Telephone Co., a subsidiary of General Telephone & Electronics Corp., in 1973 - 1981. He was counsel, then senior counsel, and finally administrative law judge with the California Public Utilities Commission in 1968 - 1973. He was with the U.S. Steel Corp. in 1967. He was in the traffic department and later, western regional distribution manager with Thomas J. Lipton, Inc., of San Francisco, Calif., in 1959 - 1967.

Mr. Sousa graduated from St. Luiz Gonzaga College (B.A., 1945) and the University of San Francisco Law School (J.D., 1966). He is married, has three children, and resides in Washington, D.C. He was born on August 8, 1927.