February 10, 1982

Dear Joe:

It is with deepest personal regret that I accept your resignation as Assistant to the President.

Over the past year and a half, you have served not just me but our nation with distinction, honor and a personal energy that knows few parallels. From early morning until late in the evening, both on the road and here in the White House, there was one man I could always call upon for help and know that within minutes I would hear that familiar answer: ``Done''. No one who has known you through these days will forget your colorful character -- the laughter, the verve, the spirit -- but those who know you best will treasure even more those inner qualities of loyalty and character that are so much a part of you.

Nancy and I will always have a warm place in our hearts for you, Joe, and we hope that you will honor us with your presence in our house many times in the years ahead.

With every good wish,



[The Honorable Joseph W. Canzeri, Assistant to the President, The White House, Washington, D.C. 20500]

February 10, 1982

My Dear Mr. President:

After having the privilege of serving you in your campaign and in the first year of your Presidency, I am today submitting my resignation as Assistant to the President.

My intention from the beginning was to serve you and the ideals you represent. I was committed to remaining a member of your Administration as long as I could make an effective contribution.

I remain fully supportive of you and the programs you have undertaken. You truly made a new beginning and, from the private sector, I shall do everything in my power to see that these great initiatives continue.

No one in the Administration has advised or encouraged me to step aside, but I believe it is in the best interest of you and your Administration to do so.

I leave with deep appreciation for the privilege of having served you in a great undertaking. There is no doubt that this is -- and shall always be -- the highlight of my life.

Respectfully submitted,


Joseph W. Canzeri

[The Honorable Ronald W. Reagan, President of the United States, The White House, Washington, D.C. 20500]