February 9, 1984

Dear Mr. Chairman:

I am pleased to report that over the past eight months significant progress has been made toward implementing the recommendations of the Scowcroft Commission. Such progress has been possible only because of bipartisan cooperation and support from both Houses of Congress. The attached report is submitted pursuant to the provisions of section 1231(e) of Title XII of the Department of Defense Authorization Act, 1984, enacted as part of Public Law 98 - 94. The attached document addresses the topics set out in section 1231(e).

This effort has provided a unique opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to work together for our common goal of equitable, verifiable arms control and a more stable peaceful world. I trust that the attached report provides you the information necessary for your continued support in implementing fully the recommendations of the Scowcroft Commission.


Ronald Reagan

Note: This is the text of identical letters addressed to John Tower, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Melvin Price, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

The text of the letter was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on February 10.