January 19, 1988

Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)

I herewith transmit my determination and certification under Section 111(b)(2)(A) of the Joint Resolution making further continuing appropriations for the fiscal year 1988, and for other purposes (P.L. 100 - 202), relating to efforts to achieve a cease-fire agreed to by the Government of Nicaragua and the Nicaraguan democratic resistance. I am also transmitting herewith copies of reports to me by the Secretary of State which discuss the negotiation process and describe the failure of the Government of Nicaragua to progress toward the establishment of genuine democracy.

The United States has supported the process for achieving democracy and security set in motion by the accord signed by the Central American Presidents in Guatemala on August 7, 1987. In that accord, the Sandinistas again promised, as they had promised to the Organization of American States in 1979, to move toward genuine democracy with free elections by a truly free people. After the meeting of the Central American Presidents in San Jose, Costa Rica, on January 15 and 16, 1988, the Nicaraguan President issued yet more promises about Nicaraguan actions under the Accord. Deeds, not words, are needed.

The time for Sandinista compliance with the accord has come and gone and the Nicaraguan people and the Central American democracies have waited in vain for the Sandinistas to carry out their promises. It has become increasingly clear that, without the pressure created by a strong Nicaraguan democratic resistance, the Sandinistas will not change their conduct to comply with the promises they have repeatedly made and broken since 1979.

To succeed in bringing democracy to Nicaragua and security to all of Central America, the United States must maintain a steady course in its Central America policy, including its support for the Nicaraguan democratic resistance.


Ronald Reagan

Note: Identical letters were sent to Jim Wright, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and George Bush, President of the Senate. The determination was printed in the "Federal Register'' of January 21.