June 8, 1984

We, the Heads of State or Government of seven major industrial democracies with the President of the Commission of the European Communities, assembled in London for the Tenth Economic Summit meeting, affirm our commitment to the values which sustain and bring together our societies.

2. We believe in a rule of law which respects and protects without fear or favour the rights and liberties of every citizen, and provides the setting in which the human spirit can develop in freedom and diversity.

3. We believe in a system of democracy which ensures genuine choice in elections freely held, free expression of opinion and the capacity to respond and adapt to change in all its aspects.

4. We believe that, in the political and economic systems of our democracies, it is for Governments to set conditions in which there can be the greatest possible range and freedom of choice and personal initiative; in which the ideals of social justice, obligations and rights can be pursued; in which enterprise can flourish and employment opportunities can be available for all; in which all have equal opportunities of sharing in the benefits of growth and there is support for those who suffer or are in need; in which the lives of all can be enriched by the fruits of innovation, imagination and scientific discovery; and in which there can be confidence in the soundness of the currency. Our countries have the resources and will jointly to master the tasks of the new industrial revolution.

5. We believe in close partnership among our countries in the conviction that this will reinforce political stability and economic growth in the world as a whole. We look for co-operation with all countries on the basis of respect for their independence and territorial integrity, regardless of differences between political, economic and social systems. We respect genuine non-alignment. We are aware that economic strength places special moral responsibilities upon us. We reaffirm our determination to fight hunger and poverty throughout the world.

6. We believe in the need for peace with freedom and justice. Each of us rejects the use of force as a means of settling disputes. Each of us will maintain only the military strength necessary to deter aggression and to meet our responsibilities for effective defence. We believe that in today's world the independence of each of our countries is of concern to us all. We are convinced that international problems and conflicts can and must be resolved through reasoned dialogue and negotiation and we shall support all efforts to this end.

7. Strong in these beliefs, and endowed with great diversity and creative vigour, we look forward to the future with confidence.

Lancaster House

8 June 1984