July 30, 1984

It is a great pleasure for me to send greetings to all the members of the National Urban League as you gather for your annual conference.

The prospect for urban America is bright today because of the strength of the ongoing economic expansion. The rapid decline in unemployment, coupled with a very low level of inflation, has brought a renewal of prosperity and economic opportunity throughout most parts of our Nation. But there are still some areas and groups which have not fully shared in the general recovery. These areas and groups need an extra boost to join the rest of the Nation, and that is why I have proposed legislation to permit the designation of Enterprise Zones in selected cities across America. On July 24, I called upon the House of Representatives to bring this key measure to the floor for a vote. This proposal has the best potential to build on the progress we have made and to create jobs, independence and hope for people in inner cities and other economically distressed areas. It is time for Congress to complete action on this vital legislation.

We will not be satisfied with our economic progress until it has spread to every town and neighborhood in our Nation. For many years, the National Urban League has led the way in directing the Nation's attention to the still unresolved problems of our inner cities. I congratulate you on your many decades of distinguished service to America, and I stand ready to work closely with you on ways we can achieve further progress.

Please accept my best wishes for a most successful conference.

Ronald Reagan