November 6, 1981

To the Congress of the United States:
In accordance with the Impoundment Control Act of 1974, I herewith report nine deferrals totaling $132.0 million and one proposal to rescind $20.5 million in budget authority previously provided by the Congress.

This group of deferrals constitutes the final in a series of actions taken to restrain spending of funds made available by the Continuing Resolution, P.L. 97-51. As I stated in my special messages of October 20, 23, and 29, these actions are not only in accord with Congressional intent to view the amounts provided by the Resolution as a ceiling, but are also necessary to preserve the Congress' options to enact regular appropriations consistent with my revised budget request levels for fiscal 1982.

Deferrals under the Continuing Resolution are included in this special message for the Departments of Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and Transportation.

I am also proposing to rescind advance 1983 funds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The details of the rescission proposal and the deferrals are contained in the attached reports.

The White House,
November 6, 1981.

Note: The attachments detailing the rescission proposal and the deferrals are printed in the Federal Register of November 12, 1981.